"Who Is Jackie Michaels?”

So, who is Jackie Michaels? Where have you been hiding?

These are just a couple of questions I’ve answered while on national tours of the theatrical stage play Love Jones the Musical & Thugs and The Women Who Love’em. But, in those moments, I found myself stuttering and searching for an intelligent, quick, and honest way to respond. Truth is I didn’t know what to say like some kind of short and sweet elevator speech but what I do know is that I have not been hiding. I have been on the scene grinding and working hard to get better at my craft.

I am a woman who is oh so many things.

A Mother, a Friend, A Believer, A Singer, Actress, An Author (in the making) Award-Winner-To-Be, Wealth-Builder, Entrepreneur, etc. But I guess if I had to boil it down to the essence of who Jackie Michaels is I would say one word: BLESSED!

I started this blog to answer these and other questions. As well as share my world with anyone who wants to get to know me. I like to call these moments….

My JeMz♥♦♪

So, allow me to invite you on this journey as I embark on new endeavors in life. I consider each of you to be precious gems to me or should I say….


Confession: I am a little scared because this is new for me. But I place my fears and pride to the side because we are all on this journey. This is a place of support, and I am so glad that we’re in this together.


Jackie Michaels